not all who wander are lost….

7 thoughts on “not all who wander are lost….”

  1. Dear Joy!
    I just find out about your blog…
    How nice!
    Keep the hard work sweetie…
    Let me know anything that I might help with your spanish
    I would be glad to

    Wish you the best!


  2. Im one of the honduran physicians at GMB ….
    We never actually work together but you know Im a witness of your hard work…
    Take Care

  3. Hey Joy! I just emailed youo! Loklking forward to your reply 🙂 I read your blogs – I am glad to know a bit more about you. I actually just met Junot Diaz here in Massachusetts this past week – he’s pretty awesome.

    1. Hey So fun that you got to meet Junot Diaz in person! You’ll have to tell me what he was like! I dont think that i ever received your email. Want to try sending it again?

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