The offer.

“What do you want?” Jesus turns to ask when he sees me following Him. “Peace,” I start to say, but then realize it isn’t true… “Prestige…admiration- to be liked- to have unlimited motivation and energy to do the things I want….to be a bit skinnier….” These are actually the things I want. It’s embarrassing, but … Continue reading The offer.

A Manifesto

On February 16 I will set out with my dearest friend, Alana, to complete the Trans Ecuador Mountain Bike Route, stretching from the northern border with Colombia, winding up and over mountains, through rural landscapes, past Ecuador’s glacier-capped volcanos, all the way down to the tropical southern border with Peru. We will pedal our bikes … Continue reading A Manifesto

home life

Where were you last year on this date? At the start of 2020, when we were all still blissfully unaware of the year to come – of all the fears and tragedies (both real and imagined) we were yet to go through? What were your hopes and dreams? I know they did not include words like lockdown, social distancing, and zoom fatigue. Continue reading home life

Grandma Louise

Visiting home. I just spent the two weeks staying with my grandma in Oceanside, NY. That’s on Long Island, and if you aren’t from the area, you probably don’t know it, but there is a certain accent that people from Looong Island have, sort of nasal, extra guttural stops. But I’m terrible at mimicking accents, … Continue reading Grandma Louise