De Nadie

Imagine that last time you took a trip to another country. If it was anything like my experience, I simply went online, bought a ticket, and my biggest concern was that my suitcases weren’t overweight! I did not worry about being robbed of everything – down to the shoes on my feet- or being attacked … Continue reading De Nadie


So, Argentina being in the southern hemisphere has its seasons reversed. Meaning,, that every time I get on Skype to tlak to my parents, they complain about the latest heat wave as they sit their sweating in shorts and tank tops, and I, well i complain bitterly about the cold in sweaters and scarfs up … Continue reading Fuego!

Art with a message

the other week i went to a conference entitled “the arts as a tool in the fight against poverty” which had presentations by a variety of ngo’s that use music or acrobatics or art to impact society. They had a variety of approaches, such as teaching classical to youth from marginalized neighborhoods or giving “poor” … Continue reading Art with a message