Art with a message

the other week i went to a conference entitled “the arts as a tool in the fight against poverty” which had presentations by a variety of ngo’s that use music or acrobatics or art to impact society. They had a variety of approaches, such as teaching classical to youth from marginalized neighborhoods or giving “poor” … Continue reading Art with a message

New Spanish Words

So, when im really paying attention in class, i can learn all sorts of new Spanish (or as they call it here, castellano, ha…)words. Me and my little handy-dandy dictionary -which I’ve covered with magazine photos to try to hide the fact I’m always slightly lost and looking up words- but here’s a few from … Continue reading New Spanish Words

The Art of Mate

Years ago, when I was a Little girl growing up in cold, stiff New England, in my church there was an old retired missionary who had spent some 40 years living here in Argentina. And he was this crazy character, who maybe after so many years of living in Latin America had no sense of … Continue reading The Art of Mate

Monopoly Money

So, before I got here to Buenos Aires, practically every person who had ever spent any time here before told me to be careful of the cab drivers because they are notorious for slipping you fake bills.  Well, a couple weeks in, don’t you know I get one.  The guy was so nice and friendly … Continue reading Monopoly Money


It has been sort of hard transitioning out of my life in Honduras. I’ve thought about it a lot now, why it meant so much to me. and i realize its because i’ve never had so few distractions, and felt that that the majority of my time was had so much purpose and focus and … Continue reading Transitions

Public Health Brigades Celebrates its First Birthday!

Changing lives, one family at a time. A little over a year ago marks the launch of Public Health Brigades. The idea for Public Health Brigades came from the simple observation that despite over 5 years of medical care, the vast majority of the patients coming out to our Medical Brigades were still suffering from the exact same issues as when we started… Continue reading Public Health Brigades Celebrates its First Birthday!