Run for Water 6k Road Race

3 thoughts on “Run for Water 6k Road Race”

  1. Hey girl! I so wish I could have been running by your side!!! You know I totally would. Too bad I’m stuck with inhaling the “interesting smells” and car exhaust off of las Fuerzas Armadas, jaja. well, sounds like you’re getting out and enjoying the city which I LOVE to hear 🙂 And I’m so proud of you speaking up in class (jeje) …I bet they see you as the smart, mysterious one who speaks such words of wisdom…miss you!!

    1. aww…I dont know, you probably wouldnt be at my side as much as up there ahead of me (with the moms pushing strollers! ha) but i dont know what youre talking about Fuerzas Armadas is such as nice place to run…..

      i miss you too…can we write a logic model together, you know for old times sake?

  2. oh wow. just when ben and i were beginning to think you forgot about us, we get a shout out in your blog post. i’m so proud of you way down there in the south, running for water and speaking in class.

    stay awesome.

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